What we do

Capacity Building Training

We have a variety of capacity building programs that develop skills, knowledge and the ability to empower individuals and teams working in development organization.  Our capacity building programs are vital programs for professionals and are updated frequently with changing organization needs. The purpose of the training programs is to increase the skills and knowledge of people working in the development organizations.

NGO Development Programs

Initiating and operationalizing Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) is increasingly becoming complex and sophisticated. There is increasing need for knowledge, skills and strategies that are necessary to achieve development results and impact in NGOs. We provide training to NGO Professionals and NGO boards of management. We organize and deliver courses that can be current and dynamic to the needs of NGOs.

Projects Consultancy & Evaluations

We have an in-house team of Project Consultants that is available to help organizations manage projects from the project initiation to Project closure and the submission of evaluation reports. Our Consultants have specialist skills, in-depth knowledge and extensive experience in a range of subjects such as:

  • Baseline Evaluations/Mid-term Evaluation/End-Line Evaluations
  • Donor Proposals Development
  • Project Conceptualization, Design and Planning
  • Project Feasibility Studies



Our team of Research experts conducts high value research that is founded on market excellence and top-notch innovation. Our research work in any client-engaged projects provides insights geared towards implementation of benefit-driven and high-impact strategies. We offer services such as:

  • House Hold Surveys
  • Data Collection Sub-contracting
  • Data Analysis Sub-contracting
  • SPSS Training
  • Nvivo Training
  • Stata Training
  • Research Methods Training
  • Research Reporting
  • Social Research

Market Research

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